Sajjad Baghaee


Work Experience:
  • Middle East Technical University Ankara, Turkey
    • Lecturer, PhD (Postdoctoral Research Program)

Exploring cutting-edge research in LoRa/LoRaWAN technology and the Age of Information.

    • Designing an application layer protocol for LoRa/LoRaWAN technology to enable age-aware communication capabilities.
    • Conducting comprehensive feasibility studies for integrating LoRa/LoRaWAN technology into diverse IoT ecosystems.
09/2023 – PRESENT
  • SUIT – Ankara, Turkey                                                                                                                       
    • Senior Researcher (Part Time)

Deploying IoT and machine learning methodologies to engineer energy-efficient control algorithms for the ‘Learning Smart Air Conditioner,’ enhancing building sustainability for Sustainable Urbanization Through Innovative Technologies Platform.

    • Leading the implementation of an IoT system for smart rooms, ensuring seamless integration of advanced environment monitoring devices for comprehensive data collection, while leveraging MQTT protocol for streamlined communication.
    • Tracking the solar panel energy generation and room energy consumption.
    • Engineering occupancy measurement techniques for real-time room usage monitoring.
    • Employing machine learning for adaptive HVAC systems, optimizing energy efficiency and user comfort.
01/2023 – PRESENT
  • FRESHDATA Technologies – Ankara, Turkey

Senior IoT Consultant (Contract)

Developing an Age-Sensitive IoT Fault Indicator Device for the Electricity Distribution Sector

    • Designing an IoT fault indicator wireless node.
    • Developing and deploying an Age-Sensitive communication solution with a 20% decrease in interruptions and a 15% reduction in network load.
05/2023 – PRESENT
  • JeoIT Ltd. Şti – Ankara, Turkey

Senior Internet of Things (IoT) Engineer

IoT Engineer with expertise in designing, developing, and optimizing end-to-end IoT solutions.

    • Crafting comprehensive IoT architectures that consider hardware, software, connectivity, and data management for efficient solutions.
    • Leading IoT device and system designing, including coding, firmware development, and hardware integration.
    • Implementing various communication protocols (e.g., MQTT, LoRa, cellular) for IoT devices.
    • Designing LoRa-based IoT nodes for environmental monitoring, leading to a 30% increase in methane gas production in a landfill project.
 09/2018 – PRESENT
  • Teknolojik Sistemler San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Şti – Ankara, Turkey

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Development of Building Smart Energy Management System (BSEMS) for Residential and Commercial Buildings.

    • Utilized Q-learning for HVAC optimization in a Smart Energy Management System, enhancing energy efficiency in buildings under Project No. 1150648: “Development of Building Smart Energy Management System (BSEMS) for Residential and Commercial Buildings” funded by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK), 2016-2018.
05/2017 – 09/2018
  • METU Research Group on Communication Networks – Ankara, Turkey

Senior Researcher

Contributed as a researcher in TUBITAK projects focused on energy-efficient IoT and wireless network optimization.

    • Publishing over 15 papers on machine learning and IoT in leading journals and conferences.
    • Contributed as a researcher in TUBITAK projects focused on optimizing energy-harvesting communications and wireless network efficiency.
09/2010 – 05/2017
Parto Afshan Aria Co. – Urmia, Iran
Project Manager

    • Managing installations of OTN Centers, switch centers, rural GSM systems, and power supplies to enhance telecommunications infrastructure.
04/2008 – 06/2010
  • Technical and Vocational Training Organization (TVTO), Iran
    Basics of Household Wiring
08/2006 – 04/2008
  •  IranGiga Co., Urmia, West Azerbaijan, Urmia, Iran
    Technical support
    Host and Domain provider
06/2002 – 06/2006
Teaching Experience:
  • Teaching Assistant in Middle East Technical University (METU), Ankara, Turkey:      
    • Teaching Assistant of EE311-Analog Electronics
02/2014 – 06/2014
  • Teaching Assistant in Middle East Technical University (METU), Ankara, Turkey:
    • Teaching Assistant of EE301 – Signals and Systems
09/2013 – 01/2014
  • Served as teaching for the Technical and Vocational Training Organization of Iran 
    • Basics of Household Wiring
08/2006 – 05/2008