C Programming Tutorial – 5 – Define an Array + replace a character in an array :


  • //Define array:
    char name[15]= “Sajjad Baghaee”;
  • // replacing a character in an array : 
    name[2]= ‘C’;
  • Array start by 0 so S=0 a=1  j=2  j=3  a =4  d=5 =6  B=7  a=8  g=9  h=10  a=11  e=12  e=13


#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

int main()

char name[15]= “Sajjad Baghaee”;
printf(“This is %s \n”, name);
name[2]= ‘C’;                  // replacing the 1st character “j” in array “Sajjad Baghaee”  with “C”
name[3]=’c’;                   // replacing the 2nd character “j” in array “Sajjad Baghaee”  with “c”
printf(“This is %s\n”,name);

return 0;